“I have been using the DXS4 for a few months now for all my hot towel shaves, neck line ups, hair patterns etc. Depending on what I am actually doing I will either use the guarded blade for speed and safety or the Naked blade for very close precision barber shaving. With the shape of the tool it makes it so ergonomically easy to use, it literally fits so comfortably into your hand in the correct position you always wanted a razor to fit.

Every time I shave some ones skin, whether its side burns, necklines, hot towel shaves, I always use Prepare. This preparation liquid is so important to use before any razor goes anywhere near the area you will work on. I also always use it on the hair when cutting some ones hair with either any of the Donald Scot NYC Razors or scissors”



“When I trained as a professional cosmetologist more than 37 years ago, we were told that the comb, scissors, thinning shears and razor are the only implements required for styling hair. For years I worked with these common tools, finding that the limitations of such prevalent devices dictated the visual language of my artistic creations. After Donald Scott introduced his carving comb, I purchased three of these implements. The carving comb immediately became an essential component of my daily work; it was not a luxury, but a necessity. The comb allows for hair to be shaped in a myriad of different ways and in a similar fashion to a writer utilizing words, it greatly enriches the grammar associated with the styling of hair. Over the years, I’ve seen some hairstyles become more popular whereas others have been forgotten.

However, the basic patterns in our craft do not change. I strongly believe that the carving comb should become an essential tool in cosmetology; used by students currently being trained in the craft and by professionals, it should be included in the list of essential tools that shape our hairstyles and our memories of glamour, fashion, and good looks.”



Love using my carving comb and twist razor.! They are so AWESOME for blending, adding movement and texture to cuts! Isn’t my little grandson such a handsome little man? I may be just a little partial.

-Roberta Bivens


This is The Best Tool for Face Framing on the planet for Long or Short hair! It is my Most Favorite Tool in my case I LoVe this Tool so much I have bought them for other StylistsLoVeLoVe

-Shelley Hageman


I am so stoked to hear I have won the Carving Comb Razor from @donaldscottnyc! I use the tools on almost all haircuts to create that perfect look! Thank you so much ‪#‎DonaldScottNYC for creating a perfect ‪#‎RazorArtistry tool and letting me work my magic! smile emoticon I am so honored!

-Kirby Jirby Rimmer


I always introduce my carving comb to my guests as, “the Marines have their rifle… I have my carving comb”.

-Kelli Roberts


Ch FOXTALES Joy Division … Seriously !! I Use It On Ian My Smooth Fox Terrier when I Show Him I Also use one Behind the Chair Daily !! N not the same one

-Heberto J Ledesma

I love Donald Scott carving combs!!!! My career wouldn’t be where it is today without the knowledge and education I’ve received through Donald Scott! smile emoticon

-Rhonda Kelly Duncan

I’m so happy that another guest of mine has been featured by Donald ScottNYC on Instagram!!!! I absolutely LOVE my job and making my guest’s feel as beautiful on the outside as they truly are on the inside! Donald Scott’s razor tools have been a huge asset in making my dreams a reality!‪#‎ilovemyjob ‪#‎razorartistry ‪#‎hairartist @nicolerupphairstylist

-Nicole McAndrew


Love, LOVE my Carving Comb! Been using one for years and is my absolute favorite tool! It used to be champagne color, but I wore the color off from so much use, I could really use a new one

-Anna Plastourgos


I love my carving comb! I’d love to have new ones for my salon and my cutting classes smile emoticon

-Rhonda Kelly Duncan


I had taken a two week class of ur’s about 20 years ago… I still use my carving comb.

-Cherie Wilson


Love how I can create more texture with the carving comb. So handy that I only need one took. You can also do a whole cut with this thing.

-Darllea Lawrence Hoopingarner‎


The best tool I own! It gives the hair such a modern look and shows great detail to the haircut. I would love to have another comb to give to my daughter who is just starting out in the beauty industry.

‎-Carol Winant‎


OMG the carving Comb is an amazing tool…i tend to work with a lot of Wigs Human or Synthetic and makes for cutting a wig look more natural than any other tool i use!!!!

-Juan S Nunez III‎


My clients love the volume their hair has after I use my chop|stik to remove weight at the crown by a technique I saw at the Armstrong Trade Show last year.

-Eric Martin


I love your tools I use them on every haircut from short to long for volume for thinning to create texture & movement. Blending face framing, I can’t imagine cutting without my favorite carving comb!

-Tiffany Gold


I rarely use my shears anymore thanks to all my Carving Combs. Love your great hair ideas, I’m always watching what hair tools you will come up with next. My Paul Mitchell Carving Combs are now limited edition retro, I love it..even more valuable to me now.

-Todd Baker


I’m in love with the Chop Stik Razor! I love all the tools. Amazing. I love what I do and this industry!

-Joslyn Woodlock


Thank you I have been using a razor for years and love your tools you and your wife are amazing team and I love the passion for your art

-Barb Clair


Loved your class at the premiere beauty classic in Columbus can’t wait to get my razors offline since they were sold Out!!

-Andrea Hope Beggs


Very educational class I can’t wait to go to the academy when it opens thank you Donald, Becca and Jason. ‪#‎loveisinthehair

-Nancy Carolina Gomez


Like the new look of the carving comb, hot!

-Fran-Michelle Cotter


This evening I used some of my absolute favorite tools while doing my sisters hair 😍 so amazing what a good quality tool can do to a simple cut ! Love love love @donaldscottnyc ! If you haven’t used his #razorartistry tools then I highly recommend investing in them! Thank you@donaldscottnyc for not only your tools you have created but sharing your love for this industry and showing simple little techniques that I love using!

-Canonn Joy


The swivel twist is my absolute favorite razor and I can’t wait to try the Prepare spray. And thank you, again, for featuring me on your page

-Sherril Burford


One-on-ONE with the ONE and only of @donaldscottnyc Donald Scott himself. I mean if you’re wanting to learn Razor Artistry and The Free Form Precision Technique I’m pretty sure this guy should be sitting pole position on your list…..if there even is a list.

-Aj Jones


Donald Scott NYC seminar, this guy is a beast with the razor he also has a very good product line

-The Hair Experts Barber School


@donaldscottnyc I dont know what I would do without my #carvingcomb ! Love how smooth it cuts!

-Heath Cardenas


Excited about using the new @donaldscottnyc ChopStik Pro and Prepare which has sunflower and coconut oil that works great to layer on any product and any texture for that extra slippage and smoother razor cut!!

-Raul Lopez


Got to meet the razor guru Donald Scott himself! I love what I do, wouldn’t trade this industry for the world!

-Hannah Knapp


Even my guys are lovin my DS/X4 !! So much smoother. No more stubble.

-Lynsie Spurbeck


Very grateful to have met Donald Scott this weekend, his personality could brighten anyones day, not to mention I’m loving my new groomstik!

-Megan Lacy


Cleared Hollys shoulders with this textured bob@ I used my Donald Scott NYC Carving Comb for the whole cut to create texture & remove unnecessary weight!

-Hanna Vanderveer


There is only one brand of hair cutting razor for me!! I will always adore Donald Scott NYC ! I’m so happy I just got the new chopstick, twist razor, and some much needed refill blades… can’t work without my carving comb and I’ve been really missing the chopstick I lost. I use them to refine and personalize my work. Who wants to play! I mean get a haircut. #razorcutter #freeform #justlove

-Krystal Coats