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For over three decades, Donald Scott NYC has epitomized excellence in the beauty industry, reigning as the leader in razor craftsmanship worldwide.

At Donald Scott NYC, we believe in empowering beauty professionals with the finest tools and knowledge, perpetuating a legacy of razor artistry. The Donald Scott NYC SHARP team embodies this spirit, blending carving cut artistry education with boundless earning opportunities for passionate and skilled hair artists like yourself.

Represent our iconic brand and earn commission

Conduct live demos
Showcase your carving cut artistry skill through live demos, educational events and social channels, earning fees or sales margins on Donald Scott NYC products.

Refer customers
Refer customers to the Donald Scott NYC web shop via a personalized link or code. All sales will be tracked, and a commission will be paid quarterly on all products sold (excluding Blade Club memberships).

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Simply complete the online SHARP application (link below) and a representative from team Donald Scott NYC will guide you through the process.

As a qualified SHARP member, you'll receive the exclusive “SHARP Starter Kit” (featuring all tools) at an unbeatable 50% savings, equipping you with the essential tools of the trade.

Under the guidance of our Donald Scott NYC education team, you'll get access to exclusive education and programs tailored to elevate your craft.

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Educational Director Donald Scott NYC 

Jason Clemons

Donald Scott’s impact on my career in the beauty industry has been profound and enduring. With over 35 years of experience and numerous mentors, Donald’s influence stands out as exceptional. Even before our paths crossed, his innovative Carving Comb™ only added to my sculptural background, revolutionized my approach to hairdressing, feeling like a natural extension of my hands during cuts.

Over the past two decades of working closely with Donald, the depth of his mentorship has only deepened. Our shared passion for design and people has taken us on a journey around the globe, where we’ve not only transformed hair but also connected with communities worldwide.

Donald’s ability to connect with people is awe-inspiring and infectious. Whether sharing stories of our travels or teaching at classes and shows, his presence brought hairdressers together in ways I never imagined possible. For this transformative experience and the invaluable lessons learned, I owe a debt of gratitude to Donald Scott. 

Educational Director Donald Scott NYC

Rachelle Yarnell

For over 30 years, I’ve relied on the Donald Scott NYC Carving Comb to elevate my haircuts.

From the moment I used this remarkable tool, I noticed a significant difference in the quality and precision on my cuts. What really sets the Carving Comb a part is the ability to add an extra touch of luxury to every haircut. The attention to detail and its craftsmanship is evident, and clients consistently notice the difference in the finished look.

Not only does the Donald Scott NYC Carving Comb and other tools make my haircut look more professional, but it allows me to express my creativity in ways that simply won’t be possible with other tools.

In this competitive world of haircutting attention to details is everything with the Donald Scott NYC tools by my side I have the confidence to deliver haircuts that not only meet, but exceed the expectations of my clients. It’s not just a tool. It’s an essential part of my tool kit.