What is the DSNYC RAT PACK?

Donald Scott NYC, the leading professional razor tool brand, is always looking for innovative ways to inspire hair artists and provide them with incremental earning opportunities.

Following on the heels of the DSNYC Blade Club, a first to market online subscription program for professional blade refills, comes another first… Introducing the DSNYC RAT PACK (Razor Artistry Team).

The RAT PACK fuses together razor artistry education + demonstration with substantial earning opportunities for qualified, trained hair artists.

How does it work?

Donald Scott NYC offers qualified hair artists two RAT PACK program options:

Option 1:

Work directly with Donald Scott NYC as an “independent freelancer”.

Option 2:

Work through a professional authorized distributor that carries DSNYC products.

In both cases, RAT PACK members will be trained by DSNYC national educators and have the opportunity to earn revenue from product sales to fellow hair artists.

Option 1: Direct

  • Interested hair artists must first complete the online RAT PACK application.
  • Qualified and selected candidates are trained by DSNYC national educators.
  • Once the hair artist is thoroughly trained and meets criteria, s/he becomes a certified DSNYC RAT PACK member.
  • The independent RAT PACK member can represent the brand and earn commission in 2 ways:
    1. Purchase a “RAT PACK starter kit”; conduct live demos and sell DSNYC
      product in real time or through your social channels. Standard sales margin
      would apply.
    2. Refer customers to Donald Scott’s e-com site. When your customer inputs your code at check out, sales will be tracked and a commission will be paid monthly. This includes all products and Blade Club memberships you generate.

Option 2: Distributor

  • Interested hair artists and educators affiliated with a DSNYC distributor can participate in shows, events and conduct demos/education as part of their ongoing distributor marketing and sales initiatives.
  • All candidates will be trained by DSNYC national educators prior to certification.
  • Once certified, this RAT PACK member acts as a “distributor sales consultant” and receives sales commission for every DSNYC product they are responsible for selling through demonstration.

Both options include signature razor artistry and/or barber edition package.

The barber edition package follows the same process but includes those products most appropriate for barber edition services.

The barber edition program also includes opportunities to retail the GroomStik Pro trimmer to clients/consumers in shop or online.

How does DSNYC determine if a hair artist is qualified to become a RAT PACK member?

  • All candidates must be a certified professional stylist, employed by a salon or barber shop (full time or part time), a booth renter or editorial artist.
  • All candidates must:
    1. Have at least three years of on the floor experience (cutting and styling hair) since graduating from beauty school.
    2. Demonstrate passion and excitement about DSNYC and razor artistry.
    3. Enjoy educating & demonstrating to groups or one on one.
    4. Fully understand and articulate the DSNYC story and product benefits.
    5. Be available for extensive training and testing (ie, Skype sessions)
    6. Sign the RAT PACK agreement prior to training.

How will stylists be encouraged to purchase on line after you conduct a demo?

  • As a qualified RAT PACK member, you will issue your special code to fellow hair artists after you complete demonstrations and talk about the tools.
  • When you refer these stylists to DONALDSCOTTNYC.COM, they will purchase the items they are interested in and enter your code at check out.
  • Once the code is entered, they will receive an automatic special offer, such as a discount.
    • Our launch program includes a 20% discount + FREE shipping when they enter your unique code.
  • All sales will be tracked against your code and you will receive one commission check on a monthly basis.

What are the earning opportunities?

  • Commission rates vary, depending on whether the RAT pack member works directly with Donald Scott NYC or through an authorized, professional distributor.
    • RAT PACK members will receive 20% commission on all product sales they generate on the Donald Scott NYC website.. Commission will increase as member achieves sales thresholds and recruits other RAT PACK members.
    • Qualified RAT PACK members working directly with DSNYC can earn 40% sales margin when they purchase the products wholesale (for re-sale)
  • RAT PACK members receive commission on EVERY DSNYC product they are responsible for selling (live or online)
  • The more Donald Scott NYC products a RAT PACK member demo’s and sell’s, the more he or she can make.
  • Plus there is an opportunity to receive bonuses and free products, as an added incentive.
  • Commission payments are processed monthly.

How do I start?

  • Please complete this application below and then submit at the bottom. If you prefer, please download the application, complete manually and scan to RATPACK@DONALDSCOTTNYC.COM
  • A member of the team will get back to you within 10 working days.

Any questions, contact the Donald Scott NYC team at RATPACK@DONALDSCOTTNYC.COM